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Let's face it: we live in a wired world, or more recently, a wireless one. In the old days, vacations meant that you could leave the office and never look back.

You can never have enough for your retirement. You might just live forever

Is Your Retirement Fund Really Going to Be Sufficient?

Apart from the world crisis, for many people all over the world there is now another major problem looming on the horizon, retirement, its something we don’t really like to think about as it seems to be way off in the future, but in the next 20 years over 12,000 people will reach retirement age every day and according to major insurance companies, they will not have enough savings to provide them with the means to live.

After your years of hard work and saving you are unlikely to have sufficient savings to provide a decent standard of living in retirement? The problem is many of us just find that just coping with daily bills has not aloud us to invest the amounts of savings we would like to support us in retirement. This has now become a major problem in many countries.

So the important thing is what can you do now that your retirement is approaching fast? Your home is probably worth a fraction of what it was when you first bought it so selling and living off the profits is now not an option, you could continue to work into your retirement years if your health allows but who really wants that.

You could relocate to a less expensive area or smaller property and use some of the profits if any, but you may not want to leave friends and family who live near by, again not a brilliant solution, maybe a part time job to earn some extra cash to invest in your retirement plan?

If you were able to start saving a larger percentage of your income this would place even more pressure on your already tight purse strings and remember that with the basic cost of living and healthcare continuing to rise you will just be forever chancing that elusive carrot.

If you are beginning to realize your retirement fund will be insufficient, what are your best options. there are a few companies that are now offering to buy your home from you at the market price and you would be aloud to continue to live in that property until death, this would give you some money to use to invest or save for your retirement but would this be enough? For many the answer is still no.

Another great idea and one that is growing rapidly is using the internet, people are finding many ways to generate an income online, although for many the idea seems like to much effort, there are some great ways to start building websites and blogs to generate an online income that will provide some extra cash, we all now have access to a computer and internet and all it requires is some effort and time,

The start up costs are very low so really its just your time and effort, this is something that you could start doing in your spare time, imagine just working on your computer in the comfort of your own home for a few hours a day to build your very own home business and you will get to keep all the profits.

If you start learning some basic new skills now you could start providing a real income that will not only help with some bills but could generate enough income for you to enjoy an active, prosperous retirement.

With the internet traffic doubling every 100 days, its never to late to start.